Saturday, April 23, 2011

Begslist, Inc. Announces Launch of

CHICAGO, April 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Begslist, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful launch of its new website,

Begslist, Inc. has been known to help people through free cyber begging, online donations, and giving to charity through its websites and its blog website RJ Camposagrado, the founder of Begslist, stated: "We receive inquiries from our users asking us advice about responses to their postings. To protect our cyber begging community, we felt it was time for Begslist to add another website to our family- Scamslist is a informative site with the main purpose of teaching you how to avoid scams and frauds of any type. You can read or post experiences, or see tips on how to prevent scams and fraud. Report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product on ScamsList."

Scams are designed to trick you into giving away your money or your personal details. Scams and frauds come to you in many forms — by mail, email, telephone, over the Internet and door-to-door. There are several methods that scammers use to steal your money or personal details.

Learn more about scams and frauds from the creators of Begslist by going to:

About Begslist

Cyber begging, Internet begging, or Internet panhandling is the online version of traditional begging or panhandling where people can ask strangers for money, food, clothing, or shelter. Begging online has a clear advantage to street begging or panhandling where it can be done with relative anonymity, thus eliminating or reducing the embarrassment, shame, or keeping one's dignity that associated with begging in public. Begslist is a free way to ask for donations online, maintain privacy, and protect one's pride when begging for help.

Since 2007, has tried to keep the reputation of establishing itself as free cyber begging website that allows access to anyone who needs help as compared to a paid cyber begging (pay-to-post) website by offering users FREE postings to ask for help. 

Begslist is proud to announce its newest website Scamslist is here to help inform people about scams and frauds. The more knowledge you have about scams and frauds, the more you will be protected from them.

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