Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cyberbegging for My Dog Brandi

Save My Brandi Please Cyberbegging Page
Save My Brandi Please Cyberbegging Page

Most of you know for 9 years Brandi has been my best friend, my heart, my shoulder to lean on my everything. I don't how I Am going to do it but I AM gonna save her God willing!!

If anyone can afford to donate all donations can be called into, mailed or whatever directly to Dade County Animal Hospital. I realize majority of my friends cannot even afford to donate a$1.I truly understand. But if you can find it in your heart to even donate that Brandi and I will be beyond grateful!!

Everyone please pray for Brandi and I as we travel to the vet for answers. I pray the kind lady at North Georgia Animal Alliance is right and it is just an abscess. My heart hopes for the best but trying to prepare myself if I have to say goodbye today. I don't know if I can says part of me. The other part says I have to be strong for her. We have been together so long I can't think straight this a.m. with this jumble of emotions. I love you Brandi with all my heart no matter the outcome!!

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Cyberbegging August Featured Post

Begslist Cyberbegging Featured Posting

I haven't had the chance to save money as my parents were very restrictive of my life style. The expected me to pay for college, a car, and basic living essentials all by myself and quite honestly I don't have the time to work two jobs on top of all of this. My goal has been to become a doctor since I was a little girl. But right now money is too scarce too pay for college. So I would like to raise some money so I can send myself to a CNA class which is cheaper and will allow me to dip my toes into the medical field until I can afford to send myself to college. 

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