Friday, February 22, 2013

Begslist Launches New Website, a unique resource that allows online begging announces the launch of its newest website

The popular free cyber begging website, announces the launch of its newest website, serves as a cyber begging or crowd funding website to help people raise money for any personal needs or causes. Begslist adds to its stable of websites, which include:,, the Begslist Blog.
The new website tries to answer the question on why people donate and focuses on online donations instead of Internet begging. The goal of the new donation website is to encourage donations to charities and donating to people. There are plenty of charity websites and millions of people who are looking for people to donate to them. offers a donation solution need to connect philanthropists, Good Samaritans, and general donators with the charities and people who need help.
The donate message that is emphasized on the donation website is that you can either donate to charities or donate to people. Charities will have the ability to post their causes in the "Donate to Charities" section and the cyber begging community will be displayed in the "Donate to People" section.

Since 2007, Begslist has tried to keep the reputation of establishing itself as free cyber begging website that allows access to anyone who needs help as compared to a paid cyber begging (pay-to-post) website by offering users FREE postings to ask for help.
Cyber begging or Internet begging is the online version of traditional begging or panhandling where people can ask strangers for money, food, clothing, or shelter. Begging online has a clear advantage to street begging or panhandling where it can be done with relative anonymity, thus eliminating or reducing the embarrassment or shame that associated with begging in public. Begslist is a free way to ask for donations online, maintain privacy, and protect one's pride when begging for help. Now with the recent United States of America JOBS Act, crowd funding has become a new category on Begslist's website where people with ideas or companies, such as business start-ups can ask for donations online.

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