Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Help For Domestic Abuse Victims

The advocacy group Healing Abuse Working for Change offers shelter and court advocacy for people, including many from Swampscott, who suffer domestic abuse.
This holiday season they are asking for donations for their clients so they can meet their needs and those of their children.
Swampscott police Det. Ted Delano, who works with victims of domestic violence, is promoting the HAWC's holiday program.
He says the advocacy group does a lot of good for people who, often, are scared and may not know where to turn.
This good includes maintaining a hotline for those in need, finding them emergency shelter, helping them file restraining orders or providing them counseling.
People who seek these services include a number of Swampscott people, more than some people might think, the detective said.
So far this year Swampscott police have responded to 139 reports of domestic disputes
Each time police respond the person who called for help gets a follow-up letter from the department that offers ways to help and among them is contact information for Healing Abuse, including their hotline number.
The 24-hour hotline is             1-978-744-6841      . They can also be reached via email at www.hawcdv.org. The main office is located at 27 Congress St, Salem MA. The office number is             978-744-8552      .
The executive director of the Healing Abuse group, Candace Waldron, said the organization responded to about 5,000 requests for help this year in the more than 20 towns and cities it serves.
And about 350 to 500 clients of Healing Abuse need material help this holiday season, whether it is for basic necessities such as food, shelter and heat or to buy their children gifts, she said.
The best way to help is to donate gift cards, Waldron said.
Below is information from a flier detailing ways to contribute to the HAWC Holiday Program.

Wish List for Parents:
•  Gift certificates to department stores, movie theaters, restaurants, drug stores, book stores, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks
•  Bath & Body products
•  Make up kits/cosmetic bags/ handbags
•  Disposable cameras, photo albums, picture frames
•  Bathrobes and slippers- all sizes

Wish List for Teens:
•  Gift certificates to music stores (Best Buy, Newbury Comics, iTunes)
•  Gift certificates to Target, Old Navy, Gap, Kohl’s, Barnes & Noble, Borders
•  Bath & Body products
•  Jewelry, hair accessories, make up kits
•  Electronics: iPod, gameboy, etc.

Wish List for Children:
•  Multicultural dolls: baby dolls, fashion dolls, doll strollers/cribs/clothes (Hannah Montana, Twilight themed, superhero toys)
•  Arts & crafts items
•  Educational toys/games
•  Cars, Trucks, Fire Engines
•  Linkin Logs, Legos, other building
•  Disney or children’s program DVDs
•  Sports equipment: basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, team apparel

Empowerment is central to our operating philosophy at HAWC, and we respect the right of our clients to choose what is best for their families this holiday season and always.
We invite you to assist us by purchasing gift cards for our clients, so that they can prioritize their needs and choose accordingly.
A gift card is truly a gift, both of generosity and of empowerment.
Here is a list of frequently requested gift cards:
*Market Basket/Stop N Shop/Shaw’s*Target*Marshalls*TJ Maxx*Gas cards*Best Buy
Food Wish List:
•  Canned and Jarred Goods: Fruits, Vegetables, Sauces
•  Dry Storage: Rice, Pasta, Snacks
•  Any Holiday Themed goods: cranberry sauce, gravy, Thanksgiving or Holiday Baskets
All items must be new and unused; gifts with violent themes or graphics will not be accepted.
Gifts should NOT be wrapped, but wrapping supplies are welcome!
Gifts can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 10:00 am—4:00 pm at:
27 Congress Street, Suite 204
Salem, MA 01970

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