Thursday, August 20, 2015

Begslist Inc. Announces Launch of New Website Overhaul Redesign

Begslist, a unique resource that allows online begging and crowdfunding, announces the launch of its new redesigned website,

CHICAGO, August 20, 2015 -- Every year, free cyber begging or crowdfunding has been a very popular way for people to raise money for causes or personal issues that they need help with. is a cyber begging and crowdfunding online platform that has been around for quite some time. It’s another way for people to beg for money online instead of facing strangers or even ones you know to ask them for money thus reducing the blow to your pride or further embarrassment revealing to them that you are down on your luck and have to beg for help.

Begslist cyber begging is a way to create your own personal free online donation website where you can save your dignity by asking your family, friends, and strangers for money online without doing it face-to-face. Due to the popularity of this free cyber begging website and all the feedback given throughout the past couple years from the Begslist Community, Begslist announces the launch of its redesigned website,

Begslist cyber begging allows for cleaner design, updated look and feel, easier navigation, provides enhanced functionality, and encourages visitors to not only post a beg, but also increased the sharing tools on the website where sharing begging pages is much easier with more social sharing buttons located on the left side as well as on each campaign page. Begslist cyber begging is also working on a non-profit status, so it has changed its URL from to until the founder of the website is able to achieve non-profit status. This will help charities that post on the website, so that their cyber begging donations are tax deductible.

The new Begslist cyber begging website has adapted to the times by having a layout in a crowdfunding like format. Keeping up with the times and adapting to today’s world makes Begslist stand out among the other cyber begging websites that still have that 90s looking feel to them. cyber begging efforts will continue to evolve so that current and future people begging for help can have free access to ask for help and also view resources that could help them with their unwanted situations. Begslist expects to continue to raise the bar in with trying to help people who are begging through the use of the Internet.

About Begslist
Since 2007, Begslist has tried to keep the reputation of establishing itself as free cyber begging website that allows access to anyone who needs help as compared to a paid cyberbegging (pay-to-post) website by offering users FREE postings to ask for help.

Cyber begging or Internet begging is the online version of traditional begging or panhandling where people can ask strangers for money, food, clothing, or shelter. Begging online has a clear advantage to street begging or panhandling where it can be done with relative anonymity, thus eliminating or reducing the embarrassment or shame that associated with begging in public. Begslist is a free way to ask for donations online, maintain privacy, and protect one's pride when begging for help. Now with the recent United States of America JOBS Act, crowdfunding has become a new stable on Begslist's website where people or companies can ask for donations online.

Begslist continues to raise the bar in with trying to help people who are begging or crowdfunding through the use of the Internet and protect its users from scams or spam. When launching cyber begging or crowdfunding campaign, Begslist encourages users to use its PayPal payment platform to receive secured money. If someone contacts you to offer donations such as through wire transfers, money orders, or gives out their phone number asking you to text or call them, please refuse. If they really want to help, be safe and only accept donations through the Begslist PayPal payment platform. Begslist is not responsible if you accept payments other than Begslist’s PayPal payment system.

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