Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Website reviews: Begslist.org

by Katerina Nikolas

Amidst the slew of online begging sites Begslist.org costs nothing for cyber beggars to sign up and post their pleas for donations. They hope to be found by one of the kind souls who scour the internet looking to give their cash away. Whilst other sites often charge a hefty sign up fee Begslist.org is still free, as its creator knows what hard times are.

Instead of the beggars paying to post, Begslist runs paid advertisements from businesses which include online gambling sites, pay day loan lenders and credit repair services. This could be convenient for one of the sites cyber beggars who pleads for money to fund his gambling trip, as he could save on the travel expenses and hit the online gambling instead.

Whilst the site is free it does promise to feature those that donate $9.95 when they post, that their begging post will be featured in the ‘Begslist Spotlight’. The site also gives advice to its online beggars on how to avoid being scammed by donors, though it doesn’t highlight the dangers of donors being scammed by beggars.

Common scams to look out for the typical email type which purport to come from Presidents and Doctors, and those who need your address to send you a check which will require a return check for the over donated amount once cashed. Beggars are also warned of the countries which most likely send scam mails, including Nigeria and the UK.

The site does not publish photographs or personal details of the beggars, though some do post their PayPal email address. Many choose to post their names though along with email addresses and place of work. Requests for cash are divided into various sections such as money for debts, students, medical bills, food, rent, toys and entertainment. The latter category includes requests for beer money, new computers and gaming consoles.

One cyber beggar who intends to run for public office soon seems to have misunderstood the nature of cyber begging and touchingly declares himself to be a “35 year okld mail” in need of a wife. Another poster has urgent need of $10000 “for breast augmentation. In return I will take naked pictures of myself, with my new breasts.” What voyeur could turn down an offer like that?

Cyber beggars have a varied international background with representatives of India, Canada, Bulgaria and the Philippines all featured. What they all have in common is a Pay Pal account and a sob story.

There is nothing to say that those who beg online will receive a cent from it but they are encouraged to click on the adverts to express their gratitude for the free service which Begslist provides. Donors on the other hand are more likely to avoid being scammed by giving directly to the poor, the needy, or a charity.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually in great need and don't know where to turn. I have an add on the cite because of this. I think sometimes if the information is quite specific you can tell a story is not concocted. It is certainly better than giving to homeless people on the streets. Most of them either are on drugs or could go to a homeless shelter. We are the people that are trying to avoid becoming homeless. If people don't start helping people on the margins, homelessness will become a greater problem in this country and tent cities of paupers will begin to be established in formerly serene neighborhoods. The wages are not keeping up with costs, and the school debts and medical bills are too great to keep up with anymore. The American dream is dead.

Anonymous said...

I say that's true nobody is helping hardly because of politics in America are taking over our country to brainwash our citizens with lies and fraud as well,so I wouldn't be surprised by all this happening kindness of people on yeah sure I don't believe things I hear daily,and also rich and wealthy people are now planning to take away eberytheve we have, that's stupid it is they are lovers of money nothing more live for money.jewels. everything they live on instead of us who are in need shame on them,