Monday, March 28, 2011

Keeping BegsList Free

From the words of the BegsList Creator:

"It has always been my wish that this site remain free for all to visit. I DO NOT want this site to be a Pay Per Cyberbegging or a subscription web site as most cyberbegging web sites are. Today's economy hit me hard where I too had the hardships of stuggling to make ends meet. I know where many of you are coming from and I had my share of 'ups and downs' in my life. I truly understand what it is like to go through tough times and I want to help others in need any way I can."

It costs money and time to keep this site up and running. Operating costs include domains (multiple domains are directing to this site), web hosting fees, forum hosting fees and donation distributions given by BegsList to cyberbeggers on the site. Advertising, as seen throughout the site, isn't really covering all these expenses.

How do I continue to keep this web site from becoming a pay per posting cyberbegging web site?

-  You can help support the site by visiting advertisements and getting financial help, such as clicking on from the Begslist site or other resources seen that would help pay for the site. Getting financial help not only helps you, it helps pay for BegsList as well.

- Spread the word about BegsList. Word of mouth goes a long way. If you know how to do other forms of advertising, please feel free to do so. Spreading the word about the site is like a domino effect where the more visitors the site receives, the greater the chance that you may receive donations and in turn, it may also help BegsList remain free.

- You can make a small donation to BegsList by using the donation box below. As seen in many cyber begging postings...."Any little bit helps! Even if it is just $1. It does add up!". Show you can not only take donations, but you can give as well.

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