Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recognizing scams

Most scams attempts involve one or more of the following:

  • Email or text from someone that is not local to your area.
  • Vague initial inquiry, e.g. asking about "the item." Poor grammar/spelling.
  • Western Union, Money Gram, cashier check, money order, paypal, shipping, escrow service, or a "guarantee."
  • Asking for a FEE in order for you to receive money is the most common scam.
  • Inability or refusal to meet face-to-face to complete the transaction.

Examples of Scams

1. Someone claims your transaction is guaranteed, that a buyer/seller is officially certified, OR that a third party of any kind will handle or provide protection for a payment:
  • These claims are fraudulent, as transactions are between users only.
  • The scammer will often send an official looking (but fake) email that appears to come from craigslist or another third party, offering a guarantee, certifying a seller, or pretending to handle payments.
2. Distant person offers a genuine-looking (but fake) cashier's check:
  • You receive an email or text (examples below) offering to buy your item, pay for your services in advance, or rent your apartment, sight unseen and without meeting you in person.
  • A cashier's check is offered for your sale item as a deposit for an apartment or for your services.
  • Value of cashier's check often far exceeds your item—scammer offers to "trust" you, and asks you to wire the balance via money transfer service.
  • Banks will cash fake checks AND THEN HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE WHEN THE CHECK FAILS TO CLEAR, sometimes including criminal prosecution.
  • Scams often pretend to involve a 3rd party (shipping agent, business associate, etc.).
3. Someone requests wire service payment via Western Union or MoneyGram:
  • Deal often seems too good to be true, price is too low, or rent is below market, etc.
  • Scam "bait" items include apartments, laptops, TVs, cell phones, tickets, other high value items.
  • Scammer may (falsely) claim a confirmation code from you is needed before he can withdraw your money.
  • Common countries currently include: Nigeria, Romania, UK, Netherlands—but could be anywhere.
  • Rental may be local, but owner is "travelling" or "relocating" and needs you to wire money abroad.
  • Scammer may pretend to be unable to speak by phone (scammers prefer to operate by text/email).
4. Distant person offers to send you a cashier's check or money order and then have you wire money:
  • This is ALWAYS a scam in our experience—the cashier's check is FAKE.
  • Sometimes accompanies an offer of merchandise, sometimes not.
  • Scammer often asks for your name, address, etc. for printing on the fake check.
  • Deal often seems too good to be true.
5. Distant seller suggests use of an online escrow service:
  • Most online escrow sites are FRAUDULENT and operated by scammers.
  • For more info, do a google search on "fake escrow" or "escrow fraud."
6. Distant seller asks for a partial payment upfront, after which they will ship goods:
  • He says he trusts you with the partial payment.
  • He may say he has already shipped the goods.
  • Deal often sounds too good to be true.
7. Foreign company offers you a job receiving payments from customers, then wiring funds:

  • Foreign company may claim it is unable to receive payments from its customers directly.
  • You are typically offered a percentage of payments received.
  • This kind of "position" may be posted as a job, or offered to you via email.


Joel Leday said...

We were almost scammed in. Thanks to this I know what to look for. I cant believe how people would take our trust and just try to use us. The world has become sad.

dwzmom said...

Sophia rush is a scam as well, if you email them they promise to send money if you send them a wire fee. They have several ads on the site.

Anonymous said...

Sophia Rush, Calvin, Christina, Russell, Kim Steele, Dolores Dubby, Jason.....All scammers. Beware!

Unknown said...

Wow, sophia rush almost got me. Thought someone was really going to help me out. Glad I looked into it first. It did seem too good to be true. Guess I was right. Why would someone want to take advantage of someone who has nothing?

Anonymous said...

Johnathen Todd Knight is another one. And Jason Petrillo has seemed to have changed his name to Jason Chittum. These people think they are smart! Just remember to ask alot of questions and do not be taken in by them!

Paulla Fetzek said...

Most disheartening as I've been approached by Sophia Rush, Kim Steele and Russell Peterson. Makes me fee that Begslist itself is a scam.

Jolee Waddle said...

Sophia almost got me too

Unknown said...

I need help who can help? Facing eviction

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Not sure if im being scammed but im currently talking to someone now and they are making me feel uneasy. I agree its depraved to prey on the weak and in need. Where is the humanity?

Renay Reed said...

Yea I got 2 that was a scam that pretty dirty of some one to do that to anybody who really needs helpn

Natoshia Marshall said...

Sophia Rush just contacted me. She’s a scammer! I realized it immediately after reading her email. It’s so pitiful to see people try to take advantage of the helpless.

Delmom1987 said...

OMG I'm about to loose my storage unit and I posted an ad for help I am homeless with three kids and the ONLY person who wrote me back yesterday was Sophia Rush.. she keeps saying how much do you need to get back on your feet I'm supposed to let her know in a little bit so I just decided to Google her and see if she's real and found this site.. wow. I was relieved with alot of stress thinking I will not face auction. How depressing.

Unknown said...

Made a page and had four peoplee offer help but want money in return one ask for a bankaccount number other three ask for money bemossbe@gmail and aliqson@gmail both ask for money up front

Unknown said...

Made a page and had four peoplee offer help but want money in return one ask for a bankaccount number other three ask for money bemossbe@gmail and aliqson@gmail both ask for money up front

Unearthing Trilogy said...

Is Calvin brown a scammer as well?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Calvin wants card info. As does bemossbe@gmail,

Anonymous said...

Betty moss asked me for money too

Tijuana James said...

Could you please checkout my story, Thank you.

Could you imagine doing this everyday?

Will you have a ❤? Even if you can't donate, Please share. It would mean the 🌎.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know an Alicia? She just said she could help but I would have to pay the 5% fee. I don't want to be scammed.

Anonymous said...

Update she said she would send the money through paypal but I would need to buy $10 worth of itunes card

GT12 said...

Hi, did you ever find out it this is a scam? I’ve been in contact with Alicia and I want to check before i go any further with it?

Anonymous said...

Yes I was also contacted by an Alicia at aliqon or something for her email. Definitely has to be a scam. Offered me 1300 within hours of my post.

Anonymous said...

How does a normal, not-a-scam letter look like? I am new here