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Fired from job can't get unemployment because worked for non-profit

I was fired from my job in January because of making too many mistakes. I worked for a church so I could not get unemployment. I have still been unable to find a job and I am now 6 months behind on my mortgage. If I do not get the money to pay them in 30 days they will for forclose. I need. $5,400 Please help!


Hello Everyone, My husband and I are hardworking people who have a passion for dogs, but have fell on hard times. My husband lost his job a while back and has now taken a significant pay cut. My hours also have been cut and we are struggling to make ends meet. Our debt has spiraled out of control because I have been using credit cards to pay other bills and we are now in jeopardy of losing our home.We are very active in dog rescue and fostering which has an expense of its own. I'm scared to tell my husband how bad it is because he suffers from his own heart health issues. I'm not asking for a lot, but whatever you can find in both your heart and financially afford to give will help and be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and God Bless! DONATE NOW!


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  1. Jacqueline Jordan'> December 11, 2013

    God has came my way my rent is due in 10 day I would need help with $1927.00 and 2,500 for rent that is past dues if any one,want to donate $20 or $100 please do so thank


  2. Jessica Bartlett'> February 12, 2014


  3. Anonymous'> March 13, 2014

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  4. john payton'> April 20, 2014

    Hello my family and I are being evicted 4/22/2014. We have three kids which my daughter is disabled. My mother inlaw whom is also disabled. We have 3 dogs. We live in miami florida where poverty lives. I am the only one working taking care of all of them with a check of 390.00. My wife can not work because miami florida will not take her mother into a nursing home because we can't afford it. So my wife can't work because of that. My kids are eating off of the dlar menu of ither mac donalds or burger king, because that is all we can afford on dollar. We have to cars that we can now barely afford also. We have section 8 to help pay for rent but they are so slow that with getting the process done to get us into a new home. We loose because landlord don't have the money to pay there own morgage while miami dade, takes there time. We are drownding we can't do anything. Today is 4/20/2014 we went to church today for help also and was basically told to wait and see what would happen but by then we would be in the street. Please we need help. We need it in the next 24 hrs. Our family will be broken up. My wife will end up in a shelter with my kids and moyher inlaw. My dogs wil get put down, and I will end god knows where because I have no one here in this state. We are from boston where we have never lived this life. We oh our current landlord 1600 dollars, light bill is 500, water is 400. I got bitten by a dog, and that is a 14,000 dollar bill. I mean it just jeeps on going. In all we oh altogether about 90, 000. Please help us, we need any and all help possible. Please! God bless you all, and I hope you never have to suffer what we are going through as a family


  5. Anonymous'> April 27, 2014


    It keeps wanting me to sign-up for online payments, and to charge me for this feature. When I decline, my posts are never listed. I thought you were free.

    Also, the email Address you give for contact, is totally invalid.


  6. juan'> April 30, 2014

    How u know if u have donations


  7. juan'> April 30, 2014

    How do u know i ur getting any donations at all.


  8. Anonymous'> May 07, 2014

    Hi,im a single mom,with no help,I lost my job,at ups due to my child being sick,,I pay rent weekly,,,im 3 weeks behind,,,I have 24 hours to pay 350 dollars or ill have 24 to vacate premises,,please me and children have no where to go with our pets,I can pay it back in few weeks ,I start a cleaning job monday,, my number is 317653-8741please help us,


  9. michelle cavanough'> May 14, 2014

    Myname is michelle, due to my 16yr old son going back and forth from hospital with financial hardship, im behind in rent realstate said owner will be happy if i pay two weeks by the end of buisness today. Pls pls can someone help. I cant donate money at moment but on the 3rd june i can or there might be something else i cld help someone with anything i live in wagga area pls even if i get someone to help me i can pay it back


  10. michelle cavanough'> May 14, 2014

    I know what yr saying as the esact same thing keeps happening to me. So i did my beg under another persons beg where it says comments. Had to as im desperate for help and i need it today. Maybe we cld help each other.


  11. michelle cavanough'> May 14, 2014

    This is michelle again the one that sent post about my 16yr old illness causing to go back and forth to hospital which is causing savear financial hardship which has put me behind in rent and if i pay two weeks by the end of buisness today it wont go any further they dnt care wether yr son has illness either as long as the rents up to date. This is my number if someone can help i can even pay it back by paying it off. 0467905944


  12. Wendy Lipinski'> May 25, 2014

    Im the same they call it a begging site and they want money hence why were on so upset x


  13.'> May 29, 2014

    People get money on sites like or by posting their begs for help.

    They can't guarantee that you will get funded, but at least you have a chance by getting your story out there and asking for help.

    It's like the lottery. You might win a few bucks here or there or even the jackpot, but you don't have a chance to win if you don't play. Cyberbegging is the same where there is no guaranteed win, but you can't get any money if you don't ask. If you have nothing to lose, these sites are free to ask for help so it might be worth a shot!


  14.'> May 29, 2014

    Also...the payment for these sites are set up with WePay ( and PayPal ( The site owners only take a 5% fee from the donations and you get the rest.

    To answer your question, when you set up a beg on those sites your money goes to you (- 5%) through your WePay or PayPal account depending which site you post your beg on.


  15. Richard Borucki'> June 01, 2014

    Look out for DHL express support, I believe it is a scam. They will not send info to me but want money to send funds. Which if it is for real I would but not gonna give out money to find out for sure.


  16. michelle cavanough'> June 02, 2014

    Im starting to think the same as most of u that have left posts as i havnt heard from anyone at all. Even though i wasnt close to eviction like one of the post i read i have to agree with some of u feeling like this is some sort of scam if this is true how can u play with peoples emotions like where going through enough torment as it is.


  17. Anonymous'> June 02, 2014

    Im starting to think the same as most of u that have left posts as i havnt heard from anyone at all. Even though i wasnt close to eviction like one of the post i read i have to agree with some of u feeling like this is some sort of scam if this is true how can u play with peoples emotions like where going through enough torment as it is.


  18. Geisha Bruno'> June 29, 2014 please help


  19. dina mamdoh'> August 05, 2014

    I have a family of two daughters and I'm currently unemployed and living in a rented apartment have no money to pay rent or feed my children or meet their other needs and no one to ask money from plz help immediately to help my google wallet account is or contact me at


  20. Anonymous'> August 06, 2014

    This saddens me to read everyone that ask for help especially these desperate ones as I've been there myself for quiet some time. Cause of that I asked and begged for help on this site at that time I cldnt even buys bread and after the help I was begging for on here I didn't get any responses and no help not even a sorry response. So if u r waiting for that from cyber begging u will keep waiting. I ended up going to st Vincent dear Paul. They paid my two weeks rent that I was behind and gave me shopping $40 shopping cards so this is why I thought I needed to come on here to tell u who helped me


  21. joshua feeney'> September 02, 2014

    Can contact us 201-774-7706 Rent is 950$ please help Me and my girl are about to be homeless we need to pay our rent by the 5th and we both just lost our jobs we have no money I don't no what to do we have 2 cats and 2 dogs if don't wana get rid of n we will be homeless can anyone please help us


  22. Anonymous'> September 05, 2014

    may i sign up without signing up for a we pay account- i do not want money, just a job


  23. Anonymous'> September 25, 2014

    Hi my name is michele my email is i feel very embaressed to have to ask for help but i am despret and everything i am about to tell u i can prove i have worked all my life i am a single parent with 3kids up till about a year and a half ago i had to give my job up due to ill health i ha a job a car ahouse now i had to give my car up as i coulnt afford to keep it for health reasons very much neede it im now in soo much debt that im severlie deppressed im on the verge of loosing my home because i cant pay the morgage any more i am at the moment getting food vouchers for the food bank to feed my family any donetion however small i would be eternaly grateful god bless


  24. Sidney Galloway'> September 30, 2014

    Hello my name is sidney. I had a baby boy a month ago. My fiancées boss hadn't paid him in almost a month, our rent is past due and we are about to be evicted and our light bill is due tomorrow, please some one help us, we have no where to go. God bless.


  25. Sidney Galloway'> September 30, 2014

    My email is


  26. Michelle Wilson'> December 13, 2014

    Does anyone really get help on here


  27. Anonymous'> January 02, 2015

    This is really a scam if someone say they could help you why do u have to pay first whats the purpose then they tell you they will help in once you send your banking info ℹ they stop responding how come you can't speak to who you texting in they all have google phone �� be careful peoples everybody not who they say they are in it's sad cause some people's like myself really needed help but got bless their scammin soul


  28. Anonymous'> February 06, 2015

    I came here hoping that I could truly get help and just to find out that my hopes are dashed again. I am at a loss as to where to go from here. My Son and I will soon be homeless and this was my way of possibly the help I needed.


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